What To Do With Your Masculine Energy While Leaning Back

When used properly, your MASCULINE ENERGY can make life sweet.

It’s the counter balance to your feminine energy. 

Your masculine energy helps you

  • organize
  • plan
  • and take action.

Masculine energy =>  getting things done.

Why not use this energy to enhance your happiness?

Leaning Back - Positive Masculine Energy


This is an advanced step of leaning back . . .
You’re not just avoiding masculine habits in your interactions in your love relationship . . .

You’re actually using this “get things done” and “make things happen” energy to create a happier, healthier, sexier love life.

So, here’s how it works:

You’re leaning back –
staying in your feminine energy
receiving and responding based on your feelings/truth . . .

But you need something to do with all of that pent-up masculine energy, right?!

Here’s what you do with your masculine energy:

  1. Engage in (or explore) an energetic or exotic hobby, art-form, activity or topic like gymnastics, Zumba, dancing, belly dancing, Tantra, pole dancing, erotic art, yoga, etc.
  2. Commit to a charity or event where you can volunteer your time/money/skills/ideas to a cause that touches your heart.
  3. Take one day to indulge yourself in an activity that you enjoy (alone or with friends/family) to relax or have a good time.
  4. Keep a journal handy so you can write down your thoughts, ideas or issues that you need to process (before you’re tempted to lean forward).
  5. Set a goal to work on as a personal project in your spare time (i.e., promotion, new job, new business, new gym, etc.).

Whichever option you choose, it will give you an opportunity to practice “taking positive action” while still leaning back*.

Continue this practice and you’ll quickly master your masculine energy while leaning back!

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*If you’re dating – then also check out this post for additional activities.


ADVANCED LEANING BACK (Positive Masculine Energy practice) – Consider the following visualization, affirmation and exploration as you work on your positive masculine energy:


Master your masculine energy while leaning back


Leaning Back - I AM Powerful


Leaning Forward

Beautiful woman leaning forward



Ten Advanced Leaning Back Perspectives:

  1. Awareness
  2. Positive Masculine Energy
  3. Receive & Respond
  4. Be a Girl (Softness)
  5. Feel the Moment
  6. Let go of the Outcome
  7. Movement Keeps you Unstuck
  8. Passion/Vision/Hobby/Cause
  9. Me Time (Self-Empowerment) and
  10. Positive Influences (your Tribe)


We’ll cover “Receive & Respond” in my next post. If you want to go more in depth with your personal leaning back practices, then feel free to schedule a 90 minute coaching session with me.





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