“What’s Up?”

Lavender feeling

Feeling Lavender Like A Fragrant Bath In A Field Of Flowers



It was the second time he asked me out today.

I felt intrigued that “No” obviously meant something different in his personal vocabulary.

But then again, it could be HOW I said no.

HIM: What’s up?

ME:  Mmmmm, Feeling a good sort of sore in my legs from the gym . . . I feel a warm soak in my tub tonight.

HIM:  So Let me take you out for dinner first.

ME:  That would feel lovely, you’re so sweet. I have an appointment in 20 minutes.  I’m free tomorrow. 

HIM:  What time can I pick you up later then?

ME:  I don’t want to rush dinner.  

HIM:  I’ll pick you up at 8.

ME:  Feeling a lavender bath and then laying on a field of flowers to sleep.  Tomorrow feels good for dinner

HIM:  [Laughing] Can I bring bubbles?


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