What to Say to Him

The Art of Feminine Expression

Speaking Tenderness is a tool in the Art of Feminine Expression.

It’s all about naturally
triggering his Emotional Desire
in the everyday words you use.


The Art of Feminine Expression is

Leaning Back in your conversation,

– not attacking him,

– not making him wrong,

– not prying, manipulating or pushing him away.


It’s speaking to him in a way that reaches his heart with ease


(rather than shuts you out).


I invite you to

Let your words foster attraction and connection

Express yourself in a way that draws him closer . . .

and SPEAK LOVE more often.


Scenario One

It’s the start of a nice evening together.

You’re feeling close and cozy.

Suddenly, he starts to talk about something disturbing that happened at work (or earlier), and he goes on and on and on about it.

After 20 minutes of listening to him, your eyes are starting to glaze over and you’re feeling bored/annoyed/ignored/irritated/sad/triggered (picked one) and you want to get back to the cozy “we time” you were enjoying earlier.


First thing you want to do is stay present in the moment and not get stuck in any negative thought pattern.

Don’t try to suppress the bad feeling.

Sit back (lean back in your seat) and melt into it. Let the chair support you and hold you up.

Now search your feelings for a softer, more tender feeling . . . 

Focus on something pleasing about him . . . 

Let the feeling wash over you.

Now, breathe deeply.

He’s eventually going to notice that you’ve softened up during his story.

When he pauses or asks what you think . . .

try saying something like:

“Wow, that sounds like an intense situation.
I can feel the tension just hearing about it.
It must feel good to be away from that chaos for the evening/weekend.”

This works because it lets him know that you’re actively listening and you get what he’s saying.

It also (gently) brings him back to the current moment . . . where he’s with you and you’re having a nice time together.

More importantly, this response works because there’s nothing leaning forward about it.

It doesn’t take you out of your feminine energy and doesn’t disturb his masculine momentum (or ego).





As you can see from this example, there are many moving parts to leaning back and your Feminine Expression.

If you’re not familiar with this technique, or if you’re out of practice, then start here:







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