Your Scale of Value

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To understand your scale of value,
let’s consider your feminine energy as feelings.
Including everything that you’re feeling in your body.
Feel it?
That’s your feminine.

Now, consider your masculine energy as thinking and totally “in your head.”

You’re calculating,
you’re wondering,
you’re pondering,
you’re figuring,
you’re future thinking . . .
you’re all “in your head.”

That’s masculine.


Shifting back to your feminine energy –
It’s not doing anything – just being.
It’s just existing . . .
It’s experiencing.

Shifting to your masculine again –
It’s doing,
It’s making things happen . . .
It’s getting things done.

Now look at the scale in the image below.

In keeping your value high (the Rori Raye tool ‘Degree of Difficulty’), the balance in the image above is what you want to establish between your feminine and your masculine.


Notice how the feminine energy OUTWEIGHS the masculine energy.

This equates to more feeling than thinking

– when interacting with a man,
– when connecting with a man
– when dealing with your relationship.

You do not want to be in your masculine in these situations!
Not in your head.
Not in thinking mode.
Not in doing mode.

Instead, you want to be more into your feelings, 
more into your feminine,
more into just existing and being.

balancing your feminine and masculine


This balance I’ve described above is what keeps you in your high feminine value.
Think about it – the opposite of being in your high value is wanting to control a man (or the outcome) . . . that’s leaning forward.

Instead, leaning back and being in your feminine energy outweighs that masculine energy and maintains your high value as a woman.

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