Irresistible your Venus Energy

In mythology Venus was the goddess of love, beauty, sex and fertility.  She's represented femininity and aesthetic appreciation throughout history. She's undeniably irresistible.

The irresistible influence of Venus is also represented in astrology. The planet Venus is known for its energetic impact on values of love, appreciation and money. Venus impacts beauty, art, love and pleasure. Indeed, romance and relationships involve enjoying pleasures with someone else.

The planet Venus makes a complete orbit around the sun approximately every 224 days. It's influence during this cycle is varied yet powerful. These various influences of Venus have a direct impact on each of us, especially when and how we experience being irresistible and Leaning Back.

Just like the moon's energy impacts the tides, the energy of Venus causes waves of emotions and awareness within our daily experiences. What better way to understand the ebb and flow of your irresistible energy than to know the Venus influence and affect at play.

Venus Feminine energy

(Analysis of your personal Venus in Chapter 40)

Venus in Aries feminine energy
When Venus has entered into Aries territory - it's a very passionate and charged arena.

Rather than giving in to any aggression in love, it's a great time for self expression and enjoying good times.

Attraction is charged with charm for the next few weeks, so leaning back should be fun!

Venus in Taurus Feminine Energy
Venus is feeling comfy (in Taurus).

She’s totally in her spotlight.

Now is a time of calm feminine self-awareness.

Your Venus is at her strongest:
This is when you feel
a heightening of the
and senses.
This is a time to focus on YOU and revel in these strengths.

Enhance what you already have.
Beautify it.
Thrive in it and savor what feels good.

Immerse yourself and enjoy.

Venus in Gemini feminine energy

We can take on a whole lot when Venus is in Gemini.
So much connection, traveling and communicating can lead to heavy multitasking, inconsistencies and excessiveness.
The saving grace it to let your heart lead you! Stay in your feminine.
Enjoy the freedom of following your heart . . . it'll also keep you authentic.

Artwork by Ann Powell

Venus in Cancer feminine energy
There's going to be a balance between being emotionally supportive, comforting, attentive and caring while maintaining a feeling of independence. Venus in Cancer wants to blend, persevere and be self-sufficient in a feminine vibe. If you feel yourself closing off and not wanting to connect with other, why not try receiving attention, care and comfort and see how opening up feels then?

Venus in Leo feminine energy
Venus in Leo feels flirty, feisty and Warm. In her own stylish way, she seeks to fulfill her yearning for appreciation and admiration through self expressions of creativity and love. She's flashy and yet endearing. Honor your Venus through creative writing/thinking/activities, fun activities for or with children, showing generosity, honestly embracing you desire for personal recognition and taking risks to achieve your deepest dreams.

Venus in Virgo feminine energy
Venus in Virgo wants to get down to the details and be of service. What better way to honor this energy than to pay attention to and work on the beautiful details of YOU. Dedicate your attention to your health, nutrition and exercise routines to enhance your inner radiance. Take time to rejuvenate and renew so you can let your vibrancy shine.

Venus in Libra feminine energy
Art, Design, Fashion, Nature, Music, Dance, Beauty, Harmony, Creativity, Passion or Love.
This is your Goddess time as Venus in Libra embraces the delicate balance between creative feminine expression and the undeniable realities of the masculine world.

Venus in Scorpio feminine energy
Openness and deep honesty are required as you express your power in all things Scorpio now that Venus is gracing this INTENSE sign. Don't be afraid to let your words rise from the depths of your soulful emotions like a siren phoenix on fire!

Venus in Sagittarius feminine energy

Higher love, truth and adventures are on the menu when Venus is in Sagittarius.
She can be blunt but endearingly genuine.
Savor all of the delightful experiences she has to offer right now.

Venus in Capricorn feminine energy
Venus in Capricorn invites you to revisit and redefine your values.
It's a time to get serious about what you want and what you love.

Venus in Aquarius feminine energy (Image by Redkezar)
We have an opportunity to open up to new experiences when Venus is in Aquarius.
Give yourself breathing space, lean back and take a long relaxing view of your life.
(image credit: Redkaezar)

Venus in Pisces feminine energy
Release what no longer serves you to find your bliss.
In other words, go with the flow, but remember to embrace your truth when Venus is in Pisces.


Astrologer Coach Sonia Francis