Be the Irresistible Woman

Seven Easy Feminine Steps to Irresistible!

The first step to irresistible is
understanding the Energy Connection (feminine attracts masculine)
and your Feminine Power (letting your feminine guide your masculine).
That’s everything that I talk about on this website
and in the WEBINAR VIDEO (click below to access)

The second step
is to practice your feminine energy daily.
I go more in depth in the Academy
about these specific practices.

Step three
is changing your old patterns and
taking a new approach to men/love/relationships.

Step four
is leaning back,
which is actually two things . . .
to receive and then to respond in a feminine
(feeling based) way.

Step five
is using your feelings
to guide your words and your actions.

I encourage you to practice this
beyond interacting with a man
in dating or your relationship . . .
Practice it out in the world.

Step six
is shifting your focus
back to your feminine energy
when you’re stuck or
laser focused on a man or relationship.
This is so crucial in keeping his attraction.

Step seven
is embracing that you’re a
High Value Woman!
Remember your feminine attractiveness.
This is best explained using the
Circle of Interaction.
It’s where you’re
being feminine,
being powerful and
being irresistible
all intersect
(click image for video clip)

Feminine Circle of Interaction with a man

Well, connection is how a man reaches you.
It’s him wanting to spend time with you and him wanting to be with you.
It’s the natural attraction that occurs when you lean back and and just let him be drawn in and come towards you.

This type of connection is not based on the regular attraction that you read about on dating sites . . .
We’re specifically dealing with Emotional Attraction.
Emotional attraction is not attracting him sexually.
Emotional attraction is not attracting him in any kind of spiritual way.
Emotional attraction is not attracting him mentally.

It’s emotional because he’s feeling it inside in his heart (not just below his belt).
He’s really feeling “there’s something about her, I’ve got to get closer.

(click image for video clip)

Always remember, when a man is emotionally attracted to you, he’s instinctually drawn to you.
He wants to get in close and experience your essence.
He’s drawn by your feminine energy.

This is why you’ve got to stay connected to your feminine power in order to stay connected to his heart.
Now, you may ask, “Well, what’s my feminine power?”

Your feminine power is understanding
the balance between your feminine energy
and your masculine energy,
and knowing how to be in your feminine energy.

The key is that your feminine energy guides your masculine energy . . . so your feminine is always in control – especially when interacting romantically or with a man.

But feminine power also goes beyond interacting with a man,
it applies to interacting with your environment
and anyone around you.

Knowing your feminine power is understanding
how your feminine energy guides your masculine energy
to get you where you want be and to achieve your dreams and desires in life.

The secret to your feminine power is knowing
how to shift from masculine to feminine.

In your romantic interactions, this means
knowing how to Lean Back and
allow him to experience his emotional attraction to you.

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