Three Steps of Leaning Back


Here's my leaning back story.  It's a story of being powerful and soft. It's a story of Attraction.  It's a story of practicing leaning back to improve not just my interactions with men, but to improve my life overall . . . the whole woman.

The honest truth is, I'm an alpha woman . . . full of masculine energy.

So Let me tell you about my attraction story . . .

All I want is love and happiness.

That's where my journey began. I wanted to understand what's was out of balance for me.

I knew I was a powerful woman, and there was nothing I could do to change that.

I didn't want to change it. That's who I am.

I also knew I was a beautiful and attractive woman . . . so why did I keep meeting and interacting with men who were completely wrong for me? Why was I not making better choices?

Then I discovered Rori Raye's Leaning back and feminine energy practices.  IT CHANGED MY WHOLE PERSPECTIVE!

Sometimes, as an alpha woman, my  masculine energy dominates.  As a Feminine woman, I have to own that reality and embrace it.

The answer however, is in the balance between my feminine energy and my masculine energy.  The resulting harmony is what I call Feminine Power.

Now, you might not be an alpha woman, but your masculine energy may be causing some problems in your relationship or dating.

That's where leaning back and feminine power become important in YOUR story.

As a woman, you have a strong interior, and your exterior is soft.  This means you're strong on the inside and soft on the outside.

Relationship and dating problems happen when you try to make your exterior hard and let your inner strength go to mush.

Here's the Feminine Power approach . . .  Your inner strength is your power core - a part that no one can reach or harm.  Surrounding that power core on the outside is your feminine softness.

So, emanating outwards, from your power core, is your irresistible,  attractive and powerful feminine energy.

The takeaway here is that your power doesn't cover up your femininity, your being irresistible or your attraction.  It's the unnecessary masculine energy shell you put up around your softness that covers up your femininity and causes attraction/relationship problems!


Leaning Back is embracing your inner strength, and at the same time, showing softness and femininity.  This balance is very sexy and alluring.

Leaning back is the way to deal with your masculine energy in relationships and dating by letting your feminine guide your masculine.

Now, sometimes this is difficult, especially when you're experiencing more mascule than feminine because of a trigger or some other situation.

The way to fix this is with awareness.

leaning back woman awareness

Imagine you're standing at the beach in the water and waves are crashing around you. 

Then, when the tide goes out, the water becomes very low.

Our emotions are similar to this. We experience emotional highs and lows . . . sometimes in cycels, and other times randomly.

Let's divide these emotional highs and lows into two areas:

There's the crest where it's high tide (positive emotional experiences), and

There's the trough where it's low tide (harmful or negative emotional experiences).

Awareness centers you to handle the crashing and undertow of these emotional changes.

Your inner feminine strength steadies you to deal with these highs and lows.  So you want to shore up your inner strength by increasing the feminine energy in your day-to-day habits, rituals and experiences.  This practice is Leaning Back.

Leaning Back requires you to see life differently.  To break the mold and stop doing things the same masculine way all the time.  Get out of your old masculine patterns.

Here's a helpful visualization to understand how to approach changing your masculine patterns:

Imagine the love and happiness you want in life is at the shore, which is at a distance.  But at the shore is a tall beautiful lighthouse with a large beaming light on top of it.

It's nighttime and you can see the lighthouse in the distance.  It's bright and beautiful.

Now, it seems that you're far away from the lighthouse, but there's a path in front of you, through the mountains of grassy sand, that leads to the lighthouse.

This path that's leading you to the shore is visible because of the light shining on it from the lighthouse.

Using your masculine energy, you move along the path, guided by the bright light in the distance.

The light at the top of the lighthouse is your feminine energy.  It shines on the path that leads to the shore.  It keeps you inspired as  you move closer to the love and happines that you want.

How do you stay on your path? You keep focused on the light!

If you lose focus and get off of the path, you'll have a hard time reaching your destination.

Thus, leaning back is about keeping focused on your feminine energy and using your masculine actions (guided by your feminine energy) to get you to your goals, dreams and desires in life.

Leaning Back HANDBOOK for Irresistible women

The 1-2-3 of Leaning Back is how you allow your feminine to guide your masculine by Receiving, Pausing and then Responding.

The purpose here is to avoid REACTING, which is your masculine energy acting based on your thoughts and beliefs.  When you react, you're not coming from a feminine place.

Once you've reacted based on your thoughts and belief, negative feelings can well up and complicate matters even further by creating expectations, anticipation.

It's important to realize that this process is likely already happening inside of you!

The difference between reacting and responding is that you PAUSE and process your feelings.  This is an opportunity to shift from your potential masculine reaction (fueled by the negative feelings building up in you) to a feminine response that develops from going deeper into your feelings.

After processing your feelings during the pause, you're ready to respond with feminine words or feminine actions.  Your feminine actions are the movement part of leaning back.

You can lean back, step back or walk away from the situation or the person.  This movement creates the space that's crucial to your feminine energy . . . It's the space to protect yourself with distance rather than creating a hard exterior to protect your feminine softness.

The next few pages (follow the link below) will take you to additional video recordings explaining more about leaning back.