Hello Tatia,

My current situation is I’ve just broken up with my boyfriend for the second time . . .

Sometimes I pushed too hard and he'd shut down.  
I’d recognize it and lean back . . .

I’m not sure if we just don’t work
or if it’s because I didn’t lean back enough.

Please help me! 

In need of advice, 


Dear Deena:

I know you're dealing with the aftermath of a break up  . . . but I want you to ask yourself this question:

Don't you deserve to be involved with someone who is totally into you?

If your answer is yes, then there's a piece of you missing right now - your feminine energy.

It's missing because there's another part of you dominating everything - trying to keep you stuck by wondering what went wrong and what you did wrong.

This dominating part is your masculine energy. 

Your masculine energy is trying to protect you the best way it knows how.  But it should not be in charge of you!

Whenever that wondering voice/thought appears,
I suggest
hearing it,
embracing it
and then releasing it
(a/k/a the "negative voice exercise").

How about focusing on your feminine energy now?

Let go of that relationship. 

Let go of him.

Gently release the thoughts of him and the relationship whenever they come up.

And focus on what you want from a man
. . . to be wanted 100%

While you're healing, practice and explore Leaning Back and being in your feminine.  Give yourself a retreat into your feminine energy where you just focus on you and dive deep for the inner work.

So please don't focus on whether you were not leaning back enough . . . instead, focus on practicing your leaning back skills now so that when you meet someone who is totally into you, you'll be ready and will never need to question yourself again!

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